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The CameraMode Player property sets what mode that the player’s camera is in. By default, the camera mode is set to third person.

The camera has two modes:

  1. First person
  2. Third person

The Enum/CameraMode Enum is used to set CameraMode in Player, and determines when first and third person cameras should be used.


In first-person mode, the player’s camera is zoomed all the way in. Unless there is a visible GUI present with the /GuiButton/Modal property set to true, the mouse will be locked and the user’s camera will turn as the mouse moves.
First Person CameraMode


In third-person mode, the character can be seen in the camera. While in third-person mode on Roblox:

  • You may right-click and drag to rotate your camera, or use the arrow keys at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  • When you move your mouse, your camera does not change (unless you move the mouse to the end of the screen).
  • When you press any of the arrow keys, the user’s character will face in the corresponding arrow key’s direction.
  • You can zoom in and out freely.

Third-person is the default camera setting.
Third Person CameraMode


  • This item should be used in a LocalScript to work as expected online.

Code Samples

Playing in First Person

This example demonstrates how to change the character’s CameraMode to first person using the LockFirstPerson value of the Enum/CameraMode enum.

Playing in Third Person

This example demonstrates how to change the character’s CameraMode to third person using the Classic value of the Enum/CameraMode enum.