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The Texture property determines the image rendered on particle billboards. The rendered image is influenced by ParticleEmitter/Color, ParticleEmitter/Transparency, ParticleEmitter/LightInfluence, and ParticleEmitter/LightEmission. Transparent textures work best for particles

Pictured below are two default ParticleEmitters, but the right one uses the Robux icon as a texture.

Two default ParticleEmitters, except the right one uses the Robux icon

Example Textures

The following texture is a transparent PNG image that works well as a Texture for a ParticleEmitter. Try uploading it as a decal to your account and using it in a ParticleEmitter’s texture.
Pixel art of a gold coin

Below is an opaque gray-scale Texture that works nicely for particles with ParticleEmitter/LightEmission set to 1.
An example particle texture

Code Samples

Creating a Particle Emitter from Scratch

This rather lengthy code sample shows how every property of a ParticleEmitter can be set, including DataType/NumberRange, DataType/NumberSequence and DataType/ColorSequence properties. Below is how the ParticleEmitter should after every property is set. Try playing around with the different properties to customize how the effect looks!

The final product