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DataSendPriority controls the send priority of regular packets in Roblox’s underlying Raknet replication layer.
It can be set to the following values:

Name Description
IMMEDIATE_PRIORITY The highest possible priority. These packets are sent immediately, and are generally not buffered or aggregated into a single datagram.
HIGH_PRIORITY For every 2 IMMEDIATE_PRIORITY packets, 1 HIGH_PRIORITY packet will be sent.
MEDIUM_PRIORITY For every 2 HIGH_PRIORITY packets, 1 MEDIUM_PRIORITY packet will be sent.
LOW_PRIORITY For every 2 MEDIUM_PRIORITY packets, 1 LOW_PRIORITY packet will be sent.

The value of this currently defaults to MEDIUM_PRIORITY. Changing it requires you to use the command bar.
For example, this will set the DataSendPriority to HIGH_PRIORITY:
settings().Network.DataSendPriority = Enum.DataSendPriority.HIGH_PRIORITY