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Icon is a property that determines the image used as the pointer. If blank, a default arrow is used. While the cursor hovers over a GuiButton, this property is temporarily ignored.

To hide the cursor entirely, do not use a transparent image – instead, set UserInputService/MouseIconEnabled to false. For more information on how to change the mouse’s icon, please see Articles/Mouse Icon Appearance|this tutorial.

Designing a Cursor

The following guidelines may prove useful when creating your own mouse cursors:

  • The dimensions of the image used determines the size of the cursor.
  • The center of the image is where mouse inputs are issued.
  • The default mouse image is 64x64 pixels, with the mouse taking up 17x24 pixels of space.

System Cursors for PluginMouse

When using a PluginMouse retrieved from Plugin/GetMouse, you can use the following icons similar to your system’s default cursors, such as hands, arrows, I-beams, etc. You can use these with GUI events like GuiObject/MouseEnter|MouseEnter, GuiObject/MouseLeave|MouseLeave, and GuiButton/MouseButton1Down|MouseButton1Down to provide a consistent studio experience when interacting with certain kinds of GUI components. Note that these only work for studio plugins; they will not work for other Mouse objects.

Look* Asset Suggested Use
rbxasset://SystemCursors/Arrow Default clicking and selection.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/PointingHand Hovering over an active link/button.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/OpenHand Hovering over a draggable item.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/ClosedHand Dragging an item.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/IBeam Hovering in a text field.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/SizeNS Hovering over a vertical resize handle.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/SizeEW Hovering over a horizontal resize handle.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/SizeNESW Hovering over a corner resize handle.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/SizeNWSE Hovering over a corner resize handle.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/SizeAll Hovering over a multi-direction resize handle.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/SplitNS Hovering over a vertical "split" handle.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/SplitEW Hovering over a horizontal "split" handle.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/Forbidden Hovering over a locked/forbidden item.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/Wait Indicating an action is in progress.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/Busy Indicating the system is busy.
rbxasset://SystemCursors/Cross Hovering over a pinpoint selection area.

* These appearances are approximations – the actual look is dependent on your operating system.

Code Samples

This example changes the Players/LocalPlayer mouse icon to look like the dragon image shown below.

Dragon mouse icon