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Toggles voxel-based dynamic lighting in the game

What does GlobalShadows do?

When set to true, shadows are rendered in sheltered areas depending on the position of the sun and moon. The lighting hue applied to these areas is determined by the Lighting/Ambient property. The lighting hue in all other areas is determined by the Lighting/OutdoorAmbient property.

When disabled, shadows are not drawn and no distinction is made between indoor and outdoor areas. As a result, the Lighting/Ambient property determines the lighting hue and Lighting/OutdoorAmbient will do nothing.

Shadows are calculated using a voxel system, and each lighting voxel is 4x4x4 studs. This means objects need to be larger than 4x4x4 studs to display a realistic shadow. Shadows are also recalculated when BaseParts are moving.

Note, this property is unrelated to shadows from characters which are displayed regardless of what GlobalShadows is set to.

For more information about Roblox’s dynamic lighting, please see this blog post.

Toggling GlobalShadows

Developers toggling the GlobalShadows setting will notice that disabling it makes the place considerably darker. This is because when GlobalShadows is disabled Lighting/Ambient is used to calculate the lighting hue in both indoor and ourdoor spaces. This darkness can be resolved by setting Lighting/Ambient to a higher value such as Lighting/OutdoorAmbient’s default value of 127, 127, 127.

In most cases developers are recommended to leave GlobalShadows enabled due to the superior visual appearance. See the image below for a comparison.

enter image description here