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The depth from the `Workspace/CurrentCamera`, in studs, at which fog will be completely opaque.

How does fog work?

Fog in Roblox is displayed in a plane perpendicular to the Workspace/CurrentCameras look direction. It fades between the Lighting/FogStart property where it is not visible, to the FogEnd property where it is fully opaque. The effect of fog is it blends color with the Lighting/FogColor.

At distances greater than FogEnd, color will be determined entirely by the Lighting/FogColor. However at distances between Lighting/FogStart and FogEnd the degree to which the color is blended depends on the position.

Roblox’s fog uses linear interpolation between Lighting/FogStart and FogEnd. This means if Lighting/FogStart is 10 and FogEnd is 20, at a distance of 15 studs the fog will be at 50%. That means the color of a pixel at 15 studs will be 50% its normal color blended with 50% of the fog color.

local Lighting = game:GetService("Lighting")
-- fog will fade between 25 and 200 studs
Lighting.FogStart = 25
Lighting.FogEnd = 200

The color of the fog can be adjusted using Lighting/FogColor.

Note, fog does not obscure the skybox.

For more information about fog please see this blog post.