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The hue represented in light reflected in the opposite surfaces to those facing the sun or moon.

The surfaces of a BasePart influenced by ColorShift_Bottom depends on the position and orientation of the BasePart relative to the sun or moon’s position. Where the sun is directly overhead a BasePart, the shift in color will only apply to the bottom surface.

This effect can be increased or reduced by altering Lighting/Brightness.

ColorShift_Bottom influences the opposite surfaces to Lighting/ColorShift_Top. For a visual demonstration of this, please see the image below.

enter image description here

Note, Lighting/ColorShift_Top and ColorShift_Bottom will interact with the Lighting/Ambient and Lighting/OutdoorAmbient properties if they are greater than 0, 0, 0. Also, the influence of ColorShift_Bottom can be very hard to identify when Lighting/GlobalShadows is enabled (as it is by default).