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The lighting hue applied to areas that are occluded from the sky, such as indoor areas.

This property defaults to 0, 0, 0 (black).

As long as the red, green and blue channels of this property do not exceed the corresponding channels in Lighting/OutdoorAmbient the change in hue will be reserved for areas occluded from the sun/moon. The effective Lighting/OutdoorAmbient value is clamped to be greater than or equal to Ambient in all channels. This means, if a channel of Ambient exceeds its corresponding Lighting/OutdoorAmbient channel then the hue will begin to apply to outdoor areas.

Note, when Lighting/GlobalShadows is disabled there is no distinction between areas occluded and areas that are not. In this case Lighting/OutdoorAmbient will be ignored and the hue from the Ambient property will be applied everywhere.

For more properties that influence the color of lighting, please see Lighting/ColorShiftBottom and Lighting/ColorShiftTop.