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A value that is specified for a KeyframeMarker. Whenever the signal created from AnimationTrack/GetMarkerReachedSignal gets fired, this value will be passed into the connected function.

See also

  • Keyframe, holds the Pose|Poses applied to joints in a Model at a given point of time in an animation
  • AnimationTrack, controls the playback of an animation on a Humanoid or AnimationController

Code Samples

Get Keyframe Markers Attached to a Keyframe

This example demonstrates the Keyframe/AddMarker and Keyframe/GetMarkers functions. After adding two markers, marker1 and marker2 to the keyframe, this example gets and prints the names of the added markers.

Add Marker/Remove Marker

This example demonstrates the Keyframe/AddMarker and Keyframe/RemoveMarker functions. Note these are functionally equivalent to Instance/Parent|parenting and un-parenting the markers.