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TorsoColor determines the BodyColors/TorsoColor3 of a Humanoid when the description is Humanoid/ApplyDescription|applied. For R15 and Rthro rigs, this property controls both the upper and lower parts for this limb.

See also

  • articles/HumanoidDescription System, for more information on HumanoidDescriptions
  • HumanoidDescription/HeadColor|HeadColor, HumanoidDescription/TorsoColor|TorsoColor, HumanoidDescription/LeftArmColor|LeftArmColor, HumanoidDescription/RightArmColor|RightArmColor, HumanoidDescription/LeftLegColor|LeftLegColor, and HumanoidDescription/RightLegColor|RightLegColor, which are similar properties that also control body colors
  • HumanoidDescription/Torso|Torso, which controls the mesh used for this body part
  • HumanoidDescription/GraphicTShirt|GraphicTShirt and HumanoidDescription/Shirt|Shirt, which can apply a texture to this body part