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FrontAccessory is a comma-separated list of asset IDs that determine what accessories should be added when the description is Humanoid/ApplyDescription|applied, usually those attached to front of its torso (such as medals or ties). The list is kept sorted in descending order without duplicates.

Any accessory can used in this property, even if it is meant to go in a different accessory spot. For example, an accessory meant to go on your back (such as a cape) could be included in HumanoidDescription/HairAccessory|HairAccessory. An error is thrown if you try to apply a new description which shares any assets with the existing description but a different accessory property.

See also

  • articles/HumanoidDescription System, for more information on HumanoidDescriptions
  • HumanoidDescription/BackAccessory|BackAccessory, HumanoidDescription/FaceAccessory|FaceAccessory, HumanoidDescription/HairAccessory|HairAccessory, HumanoidDescription/HatAccessory|HatAccessory, HumanoidDescription/NeckAccessory|NeckAccessory, HumanoidDescription/ShouldersAccessory|ShouldersAccessory and HumanoidDescription/WaistAccessory|WaistAccessory, which are similar properties that apply accessories like this one