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Face determines the asset ID of the Face to be Humanoid/ApplyDescription|applied to a Humanoid. The type of the asset ID provided must be for a Face type asset and not a Decal or Image type asset.

The actual face texture is rendered using a Decal in the Head named “face” or “Face”.

See also

  • articles/HumanoidDescription System, for more information on HumanoidDescriptions
  • HumanoidDescription/GraphicTShirt|GraphicTShirt, HumanoidDescription/Shirt|Shirt and HumanoidDescription/Pants|Pants, which also apply textures to a rig
  • HumanoidDescription/Head|Head, which can change the mesh of the head
  • HumanoidDescription/FaceAccessory|FaceAccessory, which can apply one or more Accessorys to the face