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DepthScale determines by what factor the height (back-to-front distance) of a Humanoid is scaled, as well as all accessories not attached to its head. When the description is Humanoid/ApplyDescription|applied to a Humanoid, this value maps to a “BodyDepthScale” NumberValue within the Humanoid.

In the image, three R15 figures whose Humanoids have HumanoidDescriptions applied with the following DepthScale values (from left-to-right): 0.25, 1.0, 2.0.

See also

  • articles/HumanoidDescription System, for more information on HumanoidDescriptions
  • HumanoidDescription/BodyTypeScale|BodyTypeScale and HumanoidDescription/ProportionScale|ProportionScale, which can provide more realistic rig proportions
  • HumanoidDescription/HeightScale|WidthScale and HumanoidDescription/DepthScale|HeightScale