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A visualization of how WalkToPart changes the behavior of WalkToPoint

WalkToPart is a reference to a part that the Humanoid is trying to reach. This property is normally set when a part is passed as the 2nd argument of the Humanoid’s Humanoid/MoveTo function.

When WalkToPart is set and a humanoid is actively trying to reach the part, it will keep updating its Vector3 goal to be the position of the part, plus the Humanoid/WalkToPoint translated in object space relative to the rotation of the part.

This can be described in Lua as:

goal = humanoid.WalkToPart.CFrame:pointToObjectSpace(humanoid.WalkToPoint)


  • Setting the value of WalkToPart isn’t sufficient enough to make a humanoid start following a part.
  • The Humanoid is prompted to start attempting to reach a goal when the value of WalkToPoint is changed.
  • This may be changed in the future.
  • The reach goal state of a humanoid will timeout after 8 seconds if it doesn’t reach its goal.
  • This is done so that NPCs won’t get stuck waiting for Humanoid/MoveToFinished to fire.
  • If you don’t want this to happen, you should repeatedly call MoveTo so that the timeout will keep resetting.