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Controls whether a Humanoid|Humanoid's name can be seen behind walls or other objects.

This property is a Enum/NameOcclusion value and can be configured to occlude all names, enemies names only or disable occlusion entirely.

How does NameOcclusion work?

This property applies based on the viewing Player|Player's Humanoid. If the viewing Player|Player's Humanoid NameOcclusion property is set to OccludeAll, all Humanoid name tags will be occluded for that Player.

NameOcclusion when there is no local Humanoid

In cases where the Players/LocalPlayer has no Humanoid associated with it. This property will instead apply for the subject Humanoid. This means in such cases, a Humanoid|Humanoid's Humanoid/NameOcclusion property determines the occlusion of that Humanoid|Humanoid's name for the Players/LocalPlayer.

Code Samples

Occlude Player Names

In the below example, Player|Players will not be able to see each other’s Player/Character names when they are obscured behind BasePart|BaseParts.