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Health is a property that represents the current health of the Humanoid. The value is restricted to the range [0, Humanoid/MaxHealth]. If the Humanoid is dead, Health is continually set to 0.

A Humanoid with half of its health left.

Dealing Damage

The Humanoid/TakeDamage|TakeDamage function should be used to subtract from Health. If a Humanoid has a ForceField as a sibling, the function will not lower Health.


If there is no Script named “Health” within StarterCharacterScripts, a passive health regeneration script is automatically inserted. This causes players’ characters to spawn with the same health regeneration script, which adds 1% of Humanoid/MaxHealth|MaxHealth to Health each second, while the Humanoid is not dead. To disable this health regeneration behavior, add an empty Script named “Health” to StarterCharacterScripts.

Health Bar Display

The behavior of the HealthDisplayType property

When Health is less than Humanoid/MaxHealth|MaxHealth, a health bar is displayed under the Humanoid’s name in-game. The display behavior of the health bar is dependent on the Humanoid/HealthDisplayDistance|HealthDisplayDistance and Humanoid/HealthDisplayType|HealthDisplayType.

The default health bar displayed in the top bar

A Player will not see their own name and health bar above their Player/Character|Character. Instead, it is displayed in the top right corner of the screen on the top bar. The health bar is visible when Health is less than Humanoid/MaxHealth|MaxHealth.


When the value of the character’s health reaches 0, the Humanoid will automatically transitions to the Dead Enum/HumanoidStateType. In this state, Health is locked to 0; however, there is no error or warning for setting the Health of a dead Humanoid to a positive nonzero value.

The same Humanoid from the beginning, after being bloxxed by an explosion.