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DisplayName is a property that determines the Humanoid’s name display when visible. By default, a new Humanoid will have the value of an empty string. If DisplayName is an empty string, the humanoid’s name display will default to the humanoid’s parent’s name property.

Player Character Loading
When players load their character, either automatically or through the use of LoadCharacter(), the Humanoid that is created by the engine will have its DisplayName property set to the player’s DisplayName

StarterCharacter and StarterHumanoid
When a Humanoid named StarterHumanoid is parented to StarterPlayer, or when a Humanoid is present in a Model named StarterCharacter, the DisplayName property will be respected when Characters are loaded by Players in the game. The engine will only override the DisplayName property of the Humanoid with the DisplayName property of the player if the StarterHumanoid’s DisplayName property is an empty string.