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This property overrides the default selection adornment (used for gamepads). For best results, this should point to a GuiObject|GUI.

Note that the SelectionImageObject overlays the selected GUI with the GuiObject/Size of the image. For best results when using a non-default SelectionImageObject, you should size the SelectionImageObject via the scale DataType/UDim2 values. This helps ensure that the object scales properly over the selected element.

The default SelectionImageObject is a blue and white square outline around the selected GUI element. In the image below, the selected GUI is a white Frame.

Default SelectionImageObject

For instance, changing the SelectionImageObject to a ImageLabel with red and white square outline image, GuiObject/BackgroundTransparency of 1, GuiObject/Size of UDim2(1.1, 0, 1.1, 0), and GuiObject/Position of UDim2(-0.05, 0, -0.05, 0) results in the image below:

Custom SelectionImageObject

Changing the SelectionImageObject for a GUI element only affects that element. To change the SelectionImageObject for all of a user’s GUI elements, you can set the PlayerGui/SelectionImageObject property.

To determine or set which GUI element is selected by the user, you can use the GuiService/SelectedObject property. The user uses the gamepad to select different GUI elements, invoking the GuiObject/NextSelectionUp, GuiObject/NextSelectionDown, GuiObject/NextSelectionLeft, and GuiObject/NextSelectionRight events.