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This property determines whether a ~GuiObject|GUI` can be selected when navigating GUIs using a gamepad.

If this property is true, a GUI can be selected. Selecting a GUI also sets the GuiService/SelectedObject property to that object.

When this is false, the GUI cannot be selected. However, setting this to false when a GUI is selected will not deselect it nor change the value of the GuiService’s SelectedObject property.

Add GuiObject/SelectionGained and GuiObject/SelectionLost will not fire for the element.
To deselect a GuiObject, you must change GuiService|GuiService's SelectedObject property.

This property is useful if a GUI is connected to several GUIs via properties such as this GuiObject/NextSelectionUp, GuiObject/NextSelectionDown, GuiObject|NextSelectionRight, or GuiObject|NextSelectionLeft. Rather than change all of the properties so that the Gamepad cannot select the GUI, you can disable its Selectable property to temporarily prevent it from being selected. Then, when you want the gamepad selector to be able to select the GUI, simply re-enable its selectable property.