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This property determines if a GuiObject|GUI will clip (or make invisible) any portion of descendant GUI elements that would otherwise render outside the bounds of the rectangle. Further descendant GUI elements can also use ClipsDescendants. The behavior is similar to a ScrollingFrame.

Note that GuiObject/Rotation isn’t supported by this property. If this or any ancestor GUI has a non-zero GuiObject/Rotation, this property is ignored and descendant GUI elements will be rendered regardless of this property’s value.

The gif and code sample below demonstrate how to enabled and disable the property using a LocalScript. They also illustrate the affects the property has on descendant GUI elements.

while true do
	script.Parent.ClipDescendants = true
	script.Parent.ClipDescendants = false

ClipDescendants Demo

In the gif below, the element labelled Parent toggles between ClipsDescendants enabled and disabled every two seconds. The elements labelled Child are descendants of Parent that are affected by changing the property. Also note that the rotated Child element is not affected by the property.