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Determines whether or not the ForceField's particle effect is visible.

When is set to true, a particle effect is created, a number of rules determine where this effect will be emitted from.

When parented to a Model, if the model includes a Humanoid named “Humanoiod” with Humanoid/RigType set to R15, the effect will be emitted from the part named “UpperTorso”. Otherwise, the effect will be emitted from the part named “Torso”. The part must have the same parent as the ForceField, if it does not exist then the effect is emitted at 0, 0, 0.

When parented to a BasePart the effect will be emitted from the part’s BasePart/Position.

One use for this property is replacing the default particle effect with a custom effect using ParticleEmitters.

Code Samples

Custom ForceField Effect

This sample includes a function that will replace the default ForceField particle effect with an effect using ParticleEmitters that can be modified by the developer.