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The Enabled property, much like ParticleEmitter/Enabled, determines whether flame particles are emit. Any particles already emit will continue to render until their lifetime expires. This property is useful for keeping pre-made fire effects off until they are needed later. Since flame particles are destroyed when the Fire object’s Instance/Parent is set to nil, this property is useful in allowing existing particles the opportunity to expire before destroying the Fire object altogether. See the function below.

local Debris = game:GetService("Debris")
local part = script.Parent
function douseFlames(fire)
	fire.Enabled = false -- No more new particles
	Debris:AddItem(fire, 2) -- Remove the object after a delay (after existing particles have expired)

Code Samples

Toggle Fire Effect

This code sample allows a player to click the parent BasePart to toggle a fire effect.

local part = script.Parent

local clickDetector = Instance.new("ClickDetector", part)
local fire = Instance.new("Fire", part)
local light = Instance.new("PointLight", part)

local function onClick()
	-- Toggle the fire
	fire.Enabled = not fire.Enabled
	-- Turn on the light if the fire is emitting
	light.Enabled = fire.Enabled