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This property determines the radius of the Explosion, in studs. This property accepts any value between 0 and 100.

This radius determines the area of effect of the Explosion, not the size of the Explosion’s visuals. The size of the Explosion’s visual effect is the same regardless of BlastRadius (even if BlastRadius is 0).

BaseParts within the BlastRadius will be affected by the explosion. Meaning, if Explosion/BlastPressure is greater than 0, force will be applied to parts. The degree to which joints are broken within the BlastRadius depends on Explosion/DestroyJointRadiusPercent. Explosion/Hit will fire for any every BasePart within the radius.

BaseParts are considered within an Explosion’s BlastRadius even if they are only partially in range.

Code Samples

Explosion Instantiation

This code sample includes a brief snippet that creates a large explosion in the game at 0, 10, 0.