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ZIndex determines the order in which decals on the same Decal/Face|Face of a BasePart are rendered. Decals are rendered in ascending priority order, where lower values are rendered first. Therefore, a decal with a higher ZIndex renders later (and on top of) other Decals with lower ZIndex.

The range of valid values is -MAX_INT to MAX_INT, inclusive (2,147,483,647 or (2^31 - 1)). If you are unsure if you will need to layer an decal between two already-existing decals in the future, it can be a good idea to use multiples of 100, i.e. 0, 100, 200. This ensures a large gap of ZIndex values you can use for elements rendered in-between other elements.

See also

  • GuiObject/ZIndex, a property which behaves similarly, but for GUI elements