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Acts as a multiplier for the Decal’s Decal/Transparency property. The effects are only visible to the Players/LocalPlayer.

This property should be used in situations where Decal/Transparency is being set by a different script. The benefit of LocalTransparencyModifier is that it can be changed without concern for the original Decal/Transparency of the Decal

When LocalTransparencyModifier is set to 1, the Decal will be completely invisible regardless of its original transparency. When it is set to 0, the Decals rendered transparency will match the Decal/Transparency value. The formula for this is:

Displayed Transparency = Transparency + ((1 - Transparency) * LocalTransparencyModifier)

Note, this property should be used on the client only and will not replicate to the server.

For a variant of this property for BaseParts, see BasePart/LocalTransparencyModifier.