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This property describes the Player/UserId|UserId of the Player that owns the Articles/Creating a VIP Server on Roblox|VIP server if the server is a VIP server.

If the server is a standard or reserved server then this property will be set to 0.

This property could be used to identify if a Player is the owner of the VIP server, for example:

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

-- is this a VIP server?
if game.PrivateServerId ~= "" and game.PrivateServerOwnerId ~= 0 then

    -- listen for new players being added

        -- check if the player is the server owner
        if player.UserId == game.PrivateServerOwnerId then
            print("The private server owned has joined the game")

See also

  • DataModel/PrivateServerId, a property describing the unique ID of VIP and TeleportService/ReserveServer|reserved servers

Code Samples

Detecting Private Servers

DataModel/PrivateServerId and DataModel/PrivateServerOwnerId can be used to detect if the current server instance is a standard server, a VIP server or a reserved server.