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The NearPlaneZ property describes how far away the Camera’s near clipping plane is in studs. The near clipping plane is a geometric plane that sits in-front of the Camera|Camera's Camera/CFrame. Anything between this plane and the camera will not render. This creates a cutaway view when viewing objects at very short distances. See the images below for a visual example of this:

A demonstration of how the near clipping plane resides in front of the camera's view
A demonstration of how anything falling behind the clipping plane is not rendered

The value of NearPlaneZ varies across different platforms, but is currently always between -0.1 and -0.5.

  • Most windows systems, all Xbox systems and most iOS systems support the more precise value of -0.1
  • Currently Mac and Android systems only support a NearPlaneZ of -0.5, although this may change in the future