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The width in studs of the Beam at its base.

The beam will be Width0 studs wide at Beam/Attachment0 and the width will change linearly to Beam/Width1 studs at Beam/Attachment1. For a visual demonstration of this, see the image below.


The width properties should not be confused with Beam/CurveSize0 and Beam/CurveSize1 which control the curvature of the beam.

Code Samples

Creating a Beam From Scratch

​This code sample demonstrates how a Beam effect can be created from scratch by creating a Beam, setting all of its properties and configuring it’s Attachments. See below for an image of the final result:

enter image description here

Layering Beams

This code sample uses the Beam/ZOffset property to layer multiple Beams between the same Attachments.