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The TopSurfaceInput property determines the kind of input provided to a part’s /BasePart/TopSurface. This is only relevant for Motor or SteppingMotor SurfaceTypes. This property determines how /BasePart/TopParamA and /BasePart/TopParamB are used. For brevity, these properties will be referred to as ParamA and ParamB, respectively.

  • By default, this is set to NoInput. This stops the motor altogether,
  • For Constant, the motor rotates at a constant velocity equal to ParamB.
  • For Sin, the motor rotates at a velocity equal to ParamA * math.sin(workspace.DistributedGameTime * ParamB). See /Workspace/DistributedGameTime.

Code Samples

Motor Control

This code sample demonstrates how surface properties can be set using only a NormalId (Top, Front, etc). It switches a motor’s -SurfaceInput from NoInput, Constant and Sin to show how each work using -ParamA and -ParamB properties.