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The ratio of the part’s density to the density of water determined by the BasePart/Material. Effects the part’s behavior when in a water terrain cell. Essentially, SpecificGravity refers to how many times more dense a part is than water.

Material SpecificGravity
Plastic 0.7
Wood 0.35
Slate 2.7
Concrete 2.4
CorrodedMetal 7.85
DiamondMetal 7.85
Foil 7.6
Grass 0.9
Ice 0.91
Marble 2.56
Granite 2.7
Brick 1.92
Pebble 2.4
Sand 1.6
Fabric 0.7
SmoothPlastic 0.7
Metal 7.85
WoodPlanks 0.35
Cobblestone 2.7