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The Size property determines the dimensions of a part. The individual dimensions can go as low as 0.05 and as high as 2048 (or 2^11). The size of the part is used in determining its mass, which is given by /BasePart/GetMass. The /BasePart/Shape of a part can apply some restrictions on Size - namely, a Ball must have the same 3 dimensions. A part’s Size is used by a variety of other objects:

  • /ParticleEmitter uses Size to determine the area from which particles are spawned.
  • /BlockMesh uses Size to partially determine the rendered rectangular prism.
  • /SpecialMesh uses Size for some certain /SpecialMesh/MeshTypes to determine the size of the rendered mesh.
  • /SurfaceLight uses Size to determine the space to illuminate.

Code Samples

Pyramid Builder

This code sample constructs a pyramid by stacking parts that get progressively smaller. It also colors the parts so they blend between a start color and end color.