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The ResizeableFaces property (with an e, not ResizableFaces) describes using a Faces object the different faces on which a part may be resized. For most implementations of /BasePart, such as /Part and /WedgePart, this property includes all faces. However, /TrussPart will set its ResizeableFaces set to only two faces since those kinds of parts must have two /BasePart/Size dimensions of length 2. This property is most commonly used with tools used for building and manipulating parts and has little use outside of that context. The /Handles class, which has the /Handles/Faces property, can be used in conjunction with this property to display only the handles on faces that can be resized on a part.

Code Samples

Resize Handles

This code sample creates a Handles object and shows how to set the Faces property of the object. It also references ResizeableFaces of a part. Try placing this script in multiple kinds of parts to see how ResizeableFaces varies.