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This property specifies the offset of the part’s pivot from its datatype/CFrame, that is part:GetPivot() is the same as part.CFrame * part.PivotOffset.

This is convenient for setting the pivot to a location in local space, but setting a part’s pivot to a location in world space can be done as follows:

local part = workspace.BluePart
local desiredPivotCFrameInWorldSpace = CFrame.new(0, 10, 0)
part.PivotOffset = part.CFrame:ToObjectSpace(desiredPivotCFrameInWorldSpace)

Code Samples

Clock Hands

This code sample creates a clock at the origin with a minute, second, and hour hand, and makes it tick, displaying the local time.

Reset Pivot

This code sample shows a custom function for resetting the pivot of a model back to the center of that model’s bounding box.