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CustomPhysicalProperties lets you customize various physical aspects of a BasePart|part, such as its’s density, friction, and elasticity.

If enabled, this property let’s you configure these physical properties. If disabled, these physical properties are determined by the BasePart/Material of the part. The page for Enum/Material contains list of the various part materials.

Code Samples

Set CustomPhysicalProperties

This code sample demonstrates how to set the CustomPhysicalProperties property of a part.

local part = script.Parent

-- The properties to set
-- This will make the part light and bouncy!
local density = .3
local friction = .1
local elasticity = 1
local frictionWeight = 1
local elasticityWeight = 1

-- Construct new PhysicalProperties and set
local physProperties = PhysicalProperties.new(density, friction, elasticity, frictionWeight, elasticityWeight)
part.CustomPhysicalProperties = physProperties