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This function is a variant of WorldRoot/FindPartOnRay with the addition of an ignore list. This lets you ignore certain parts or Model|Models.

Those looking to utilize a whitelist instead should use WorldRoot/FindPartOnRayWithWhitelist.


  • Theoretically, a ray extends infinitely in one direction. However, the max length of the direction vector on Roblox is 5000 studs.
  • The length (magnitude) of the directional vector is important, as parts further away than its length will not be tested.
  • If the ray does not intersect anything, the return values will be nil and the point at the end of the ray, respectively.
  • Parts that are in a articles/Collision Filtering|collision group that does not collide with the “Default” collision group are ignored implicitly.


Name Type Default Description




Return Type Summary

The BasePart or Terrain cell hit, the DataType/Vector3 point of intersection, the DataType/Vector3 surface normal at the point of intersection, and the Enum/Material of the BasePart or terrain cell hit.