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GetServerTimeNow returns the epoch time on the server with microsecond precision. The time is adjusted for drift and smoothed monotonically (it is guaranteed to be non-decreasing). The server clock progresses no faster than 1.006× speed and no slower than 0.994× speed.

This function is useful for creating synchronized experiences, as it has three properties necessary for doing so: it is a real-world time clock, is monotonic and has decent precision. Essentially, it is the client’s best guess of what os.clock would return on the server.

This function relies on the server, so calling it from a core script on a client that isn’t connected will throw an error.

See also

  • Workspace/DistributedGameTime|DistributedGameTime, a game-time clock
  • os.clock
  • datatype/DateTime


Return Type Summary

The estimated epoch time on the server.