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Returns an array of BaseParts associated with a given physics over-constraint issue.

An over-constrained system in Roblox arises when a physics body is being pushed by multiple contradictory forces. This mostly occurs when two un-anchored BaseParts overlap but are being held in place either by other BaseParts or by non-rigid constraints.

The ‘count’ parameter indicates the over-constraint issue that BaseParts are to be retrieved for. This identifier is a number between 0 and one less than the number of issues identified with Workspace/PhysicsAnalyzerIssuesFound.

This function can currently only be used in plugins and only functions correctly when the physics analyzer tool in Roblox Studio is active.

For more information over over-constrained parts and the physics analyzer, please see this article.


Name Type Default Description

The index of the issue.


Return Type Summary

An array of objects associated with the issue.