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The GetUserCFrame function returns a DataType/CFrame describing the position & orientation of a specified virtual reality (VR) device.

This function should be used when implementing VR compatibility into a game to obtain and track the movement of a connected VR device.

By using the function, players can implement features such as re-positioning the user’s in-game character corresponding to the location of a connected VR device. This can be done by changing the CFrame of the user’s in-game character to match the CFrame of the specified VR device using the UserCFrame enum and CFrame value arguments passed by the event.

The VRService service also provides an event /VRService/UserCFrameChanged that automatically fires when the CFrame of connected VR device changes - so long it is used in a LocalScript.

This can also be used alongside the several /UserInputService VR functions and events.

Since /VRService only runs client-side, this function will only work when used in a /LocalScript.


Name Type Default Description

The specified UserCFrame.


Return Type Summary

Code Samples


This example prints the specified Enum and its current CFrame value when Enum.UserCFrame.Head is the specified VR device.