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The SetNavigationGamepad function sets whether the specified Enum/UserInputType gamepad can move the GUI navigator. A gamepad that is allowed to move the GUI navigator is considered a navigation gamepad.

If the enabled argument is passed as true, the Gamepad can move the GUI navigator. If the argument is false, the Gamepad can not move the GUI navigator.

If you want to check if a specified Gamepad is a set to be a navigation gamepad, you can use the UserInputService/IsNavigationGamepad function. You can also use the UserInputService/GetNavigationGamepads to retrieve a list of all navigation gamepads.

Since UserInputService is client-side only, this function can only be used in a LocalScript.

See this page for articles on cross-platform development.

See also

  • UserInputService/GamepadConnected
  • UserInputService/GamepadDisconnected
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  • UserInputService/GetNavigationGamepads
  • UserInputService/IsNavigationGamepad
  • UserInputService/IsGamepadButtonDown
  • UserInputService/GetSupportedGamepadKeyCodes
  • UserInputService/GetGamepadState
  • UserInputService/GetGamepadConnected
  • UserInputService/GamepadSupports
  • UserInputService/GamepadEnabled


Name Type Default Description

The Enum/UserInputType of the specified gamepad

Whether the specified gamepad can move the GUI navigator


Return Type Summary

No return

Code Samples


This example sets Enum/UserInputType|Gamepad1 as a navigation gamepad by passing Enum.UserInputType.Gamepad1 and true as arguments.