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This function returns a DataType/Vector2 representing the current screen location of the player’s Mouse in pixels relative to the top left corner. This does not account for the GuiObject|GUI inset.

If the location of the mouse pointer is offscreen or the players device does not have a mouse, the value returned will be undetermined instead of Vector2.

As UserInputService is client-side only, this function can only be used in a LocalScript.


Return Type Summary

A DataType/Vector2|Vector2 representing the current screen location of the mouse, in pixels

Code Samples

Move GUI To Mouse Location

This example binds the moveToMouse() to RunService/BindToRenderStep|RunService's RenderStep to move the GuiObject|GUI to the location of the player’s mouse. It does this by converting the location, a datatype/Vector2, into a datatype/UDim2.

In order for this example to work as expected, it should be placed in a LocalScript that is a child of the GUI being moved to the mouse’s location.