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Computes the DataType/Vector2 dimensions (in pixels) that will be taken up with text when using the specified formatting parameters and size constraints.

Note, the fontSize parameter will not accept the Enum/FontSize Enum. Instead the integer size corresponding with the Enum/FontSize Enum should be used. This is not equal to the value of the Enum/FontSize Enum. For example, for Size11 font, the integer 11 should be used.

This function is a useful alternative to the TextLabel/TextBounds property of the TextLabel and TextButton objects. Using the TextLabel/TextBounds property to calculate the dimensions text requires is often impractical as it requires a TextLabel object to be created.

With GetTextSize, the dimensions required by a particular text string in a particular TextLabel or TextButton can be calculated before any object is created or text property set.

Developers are recommended to add a pixel of padding to the result to ensure no text is cut off.


Name Type Default Description

The string for which the text size is to be calculated.


The integer representing the font size used.

The font used.

The TextLabel/AbsoluteSize of the text object to be used. Required to compute how the text will wrap.


Return Type Summary

The size of the space required, in pixels, by the string with the specified formatting.