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This function returns the DataModel/PlaceId|PlaceId and DataModel/JobId|JobId of the server the user with the given Player/UserId|UserId is in, provided it is in the same game as the current place.

Then, TeleportService/TeleportToPlaceInstance can be called with this information to allow a user to join the target user’s server.

This function returns the following values:

# Name Type Description
1 currentInstance bool A bool indicating if the user was found in the current instance
2 error string An error message in the event of the lookup failing
3 placeId int64 The PlaceId of the server the user is in
4 instanceId string The JobId of the server the user is in


You should be aware of the following limitations when using this function:

  • This function can only be called by the server
  • This function may fail to return the correct information if the user is teleporting
  • It is possible for this function to throw an error, hence developers should wrap it in a pcall (see example below)
  • As this function returns the JobId of the server and not the access code returned by TeleportService/ReserveServer, the id returned is not appropriate for use with reserved servers

Studio limitation

This service does not work during playtesting in Roblox Studio — To test aspects of your game using it, you must publish the game and play it in the Roblox application.

See also

  • For the DataModel/PlaceId|PlaceIds and DataModel/JobId|JobIds of a Player|Player’s friends, use Player/GetFriendsOnline


Name Type Default Description

The Player/UserId of the Player


Return Type Summary

See the table above

Code Samples

Following Another Player

The code sample below, when placed inside a Script within ServerScriptService, will teleport a player who’s following another player to the associated place/server. Note that this will not work if the player being followed is in a reserved server.

local TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")
local Players = game:GetService("Players")

	-- Is this player following anyone?
	local followId = player.FollowUserId
	-- If so, find out where they are
	if followId and followId ~= 0 then
		local success, errorMessage, placeId, jobId = pcall(function()
			return TeleportService:GetPlayerPlaceInstanceAsync(followId)
		if success then
			-- Teleport player
			TeleportService:TeleportToPlaceInstance(placeId, jobId, player)
		warn("Player " .. player.UserId .. " is not following another player!")