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GetListener returns SoundServices current listener type and what is set as listener.

The first result returned is the Enum/ListenerType of the listener, the second result is dependent on the listener type.

  • Camera ListenerType - Does not return a listener object as Workspace/CurrentCamera is always used
  • CFrame ListenerType - Returns the DataType/CFrame used in SoundService/SetListener
  • ObjectPosition ListenerType - Returns the BasePart used in SoundService/SetListener
  • ObjectCFrame ListenerType - Returns the BasePart used in SoundService/SetListener

The listener can be changed using SoundService/SetListener.

local SoundService = game:GetService("SoundService")
SoundService:SetListener(Enum.ListenerType.CFrame, CFrame.new(0, 0, 0))
local listenerType, listener = SoundService:GetListener()
print(listenerType, listener)

What is a listener?

The SoundService's listener determines the point from which audio in the game is being ‘heard’ by the player. For 3D Sounds (Sounds parented to a BasePart or Attachment) the listener influences the volume and left/right balance of a playing sound. Listeners have no influence on the playback of 2D Sounds as they have no position of emission.

By default, the listener is set to the Workspace/CurrentCamera. However, a range of different types of listeners can be used.


Return Type Summary

The current Enum/ListenerType and what the listener has been set to. Dependent on Enum/ListenerType the listener could be a BasePart, a DataType/CFrame or nil.