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This function returns whether the current environment is running on the server.

If the code that invoked this method is running in a server context (in a Script or a ModuleScript required by a Script) then this method will return true. In all other cases, this function will return false.

If this function returns true, then the current environment can access server-only features like ServerStorage or ServerScriptService.

See also

  • RunService/IsClient
  • RunService/IsStudio
  • RunService/IsEdit
  • RunService/IsRunning
  • RunService/IsRunMode


Return Type Summary

Whether the current environment is running on the server

Code Samples

Run Context

This code prints out details of a script’s running context, like if it is running on the server, client, in studio, etc. It uses RunService to do this.

Try pasting this code into a Script or LocalScript. See how it runs in online mode and on a Roblox server (open the developer console).