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This function clears the menu

See also

  • articles/Intro to Plugins, an introductory article to plugin use and development
  • PluginAction, an object that represents a generic performable action in Roblox Studio, with no directly associated Toolbar or Button.
  • Plugin/CreatePluginAction, creates a PluginAction
  • PluginMenu/Title, the text to be displayed when used as a sub menu
  • PluginMenu/Icon, the icon to be displayed when used as a sub menu
  • PluginMenu/AddAction, adds the given action to the menu
  • PluginMenu/AddNewAction, creates a temporary action that is hidden from Studio’s customize shortcuts window
  • PluginMenu/AddMenu, adds the given menu as a separator
  • PluginMenu/AddSeparator, adds a separator between items in the menu
  • PluginMenu/ShowAsync, shows the menu at the mouse cursor. Yields until either an item is selected or the menu is closed. The selected action fires its Triggered event


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