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This function fetches a Articles/Content|content URL of an image of a player’s avatar given their Player/UserId|UserId, the image size (as an enum) and type (also an enum: avatar, bust, headshot). It also returns a bool describing if the image is ready to be used.

Most often, this method is used with ImageLabel/Image to display player pictures next to their username in-game. It is also appropriate for Decal/Texture as well.

Available Sizes

Enum.ThumbnailSize: Size48x48, Size60x60, Size100x100, Size150x150, Size180x180, Size353x353, Size420x420

Types of User Thumbnails

Enum.ThumbnailType Description Example (60px)
AvatarBustUpper chest and head
AvatarThumbnailEntire avatar
HeadShotJust the head and face


Name Type Default Description

The Player/UserId of the player being specified

A Enum/ThumbnailType describing the type of thumbnail

A Enum/ThumbnailSize specifying the size of the thumbnail


Return Type Summary

A tuple containing the content URL of a user thumbnail based on the specified parameters, and a bool describing if the image is ready to be used or not

Code Samples

Display Player Thumbnail

This code sample displays the current player’s thumbnail in a parent ImageLabel by using Players/GetUserThumbnailAsync and setting the ImageLabel/Image|Image property as well as its GuiObject/Size|Size.