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This function spawns an avatar so it has everything equipped in the passed in HumanoidDescription.

After calling LoadCharacterWithHumanoidDescription for an individual player, it is not recommended to call the function again for the same player until after that player’s Player/CharacterAppearanceLoaded event has fired.

See also

  • Articles/HumanoidDescription System|Humanoid Description System, an article which explains the humanoid description system in greater detail and provides several scripting examples


Name Type Default Description

A HumanoidDescription containing traits like body parts/colors, body scaling, accessories, clothing, and animations that will be equipped to the loaded character


Return Type Summary

No return

Code Samples

Spawn Characters With HumanoidDescription

To create a HumanoidDescription and then spawn a character with that description applied, add a Script (not a LocalScript) to the workspace and add this code to it:

-- Stop automatic spawning so it can be done in the "PlayerAdded" callback
game.Players.CharacterAutoLoads = false
local function onPlayerAdded(player)
	-- Create a HumanoidDescription
	local humanoidDescription = Instance.new("HumanoidDescription")
	humanoidDescription.HatAccessory = "2551510151,2535600138"
	humanoidDescription.BodyTypeScale = 0.1
	humanoidDescription.ClimbAnimation = 619521311
	humanoidDescription.Face = 86487700
	humanoidDescription.GraphicTShirt = 1711661
	humanoidDescription.HeadColor = Color3.new(0, 1, 0)
	-- Spawn character with the HumanoidDescription
-- Connect "PlayerAdded" event to "onPlayerAdded()" function