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The LoadCharacterAppearance Player function places the given instance either in the player’s Player/Character, head, or StarterGear based on the instance’s class.

This is useful when giving a player’s character an asset from the Roblox catalog, such as a hat or piece of gear.

It is similar to Player/LoadCharacter, except it does not reload the entire character instance, StarterGear, or PlayerGui.


  • Accessory|Accessories, Shirts, ShirtGraphics, CharacterMeshes, BodyColors, and Accoutrements are parented to the player’s character.
  • Decals, FileMeshes, SpecialMeshes, BlockMeshes, CylinderMeshes, and Textures are parented to the character’s head.
  • Tools and HopperBins are parented to the player’s StarterGear.
  • All other classes are ignored.


Name Type Default Description

An instance of the asset being loaded, which can be obtained using InsertService's InsertService/LoadAsset function


Return Type Summary

No return.

Code Samples


This script gives any Hat/Gear/Face/Body Part to a player once they chat the URL of the asset.