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The ClearCharacterAppearance function removes all Hat, Shirt, Pants, CharacterMesh, and BodyColors from the given player’s Player/Character. In addition, it also removes the T-Shirt Decal on the player’s torso. The character’s body part colors and face will remain unchanged. This method does nothing if the player does not have a Character.

It does not remove ShirtGraphic|t-shirts, head meshes, or Faces.


Return Type Summary

No return.

Code Samples

How to Clear a Character's Appearance

  print(child.ClassName, 'removed from character')

--> BodyColors removed from character
--> ShirtGraphic removed from character
--> Shirt removed from character
--> Pants removed from character
--> CharacterMesh removed from character
--> Hat removed from character
--> Shirt removed from character