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The AddToBlockList Player function adds specified player’s, by Player/UserId to the player’s block list.

Once a user is blocked, they can no longer:

  • Send you party invites
  • Chat with you
  • Send you private messages
  • Friend request you
  • Follow you into games
  • Trade with you
  • Send you clan invites
  • Send your group ally requests

Essentially, blocking someone cuts off all social features on roblox.com. We’re working on expanding the feature to in-game interactions, as well. If either you or the blocked individual attempt any of these actions, we’ll display messages indicating that they’re not available.

Although this function cannot be used in a Script or LocalScript, players can also manage their block list at any time within the “Privacy” tab of the Account Settings page. For more information, see the article here.


Name Type Default Description

An array of userIds of the players being added to the block list.


Return Type Summary

No return.